Happy Holidays to all our customers, friends and family here at Sarge’s Bait and Tackle! Our Shop hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday… 8am to 5pm… We could be open sporadically on weekdays as the weather dictates. Prior to our closing for the season at Christmas here are some gift giving ideas for the Angler in your life! I can attest to the performance of all the items pictured below… The first item is called “The Snip” it is a lighted line cutter on a lanyard. it is super sharp and cuts braided line easily. My friend Tony Moreira is a guide he uses this tool every trip and loves it. A trip with Tony light tackle jigging would be a great Christmas present Too! Give him a call at MORE-FINS CHARTERS 443-801-7772… The next item is the Streamlight “Nano Light”, this powerful little flash light has been riding on my key chain for 2 years and is still preforming well! The item at the top left is the CUDA scissors by Calcutta. These great little scissors with large thumb holes are as at home on the boat as they are on the fly tying bench, cutting braided line or the thinnest of hair. Well made and reasonably priced these are  an indispensable part of my gear bag. The last item is Ange Harclerode’s hand made soap. This unscented, all natural soap will remove the toughest of odors off your hands, clothing or coolers. I keep a bar in my tackle bag for cleaning my hands on the water. We have Deer hunters that bath in it to remove their human scent while hunting… Great stuff that you can only get it here at Sarge’s!


There are several products made right here in Maryland for fishermen by fisherman. Mel’s custom Jigs are made in Arnold, Md. and he has started building these jigs just for us. They feature a short shank, wide gap, black nickle hook and a painted eye that will not fall off. He also makes a nice jigging spoon similar to the crippled Herring. We add a small teaser fly above the spoon to create our Mac-Whacker rigs. The Bust em Baits plastics are also made here in Maryland. They’re available in 5, 7 and 10 inch sizes, multiple colors and have become one of my favorite baits for Chesapeake Rockfish.  Every fisherman I know would like to find any one of these in his Christmas stocking!


Here are some things you can only get at Sarge’s. Hand made by Ange and I to help you catch more fish. Our skirted jigs pre-dyed in proven fish catching colors. We can build a jig specifically for the type of fishing you want to do. We also have available all the parts and pieces needed for you to create your own custom jigs and color variations. My signature bait is known as the “Thumper Jig”… this is a great search bait when looking for Stripers and is shown in the bottom row. We employ “Snap Jigs” as a vertical presentation and  “Thumper Jigs” for a horizontal presentation. Let the fish tell you what they want at that time! When small fish are breaking on the surface and bigger fish are beneath we use the “Bottom Buster” rig to quickly sink thru the breakers down to the better fish beneath them. This rig made with our custom tied flies often catches two at a time!


If you really want to please the finickiest angler on your  list this Rod and Reel combo will do it! This is called “The Little Red Rocket” combo… We’ve paired the Berkley Cherrywood Rod with a Penn 2500 Fierce 2 spinning reel. The combo comes spooled with 10 lb. Power Pro line, a leader and a jig tied on… Ready to fish for 99 bucks! This is the perfect light tackle jigging outfit for the entire bay area. I can effortlessly snap jig a 1 oz. jig all day with very little fatigue setting in at the end of the trip. It is light weight, sensitive and oh so very strong!  It will toss the lightest of lures with accuracy as well. Here are some pictures of big fish taken jigging with this little combo.

The right gear at the right price! That’s what we try to do at Sarge’s. Working man’s tackle with the best advice we can give. Happy Holidays… Enjoy the great winter fishing that is just ahead in the coming months! I hope to see you in the shop or on the water!




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