Sarge’s has been a staple in the community since the mid 1800’s, back when the town of Bullfrog still split Elkton and Chesapeake City Maryland. We have worked strongly with our community and water-man to improve the bay and create awareness for different initiatives that help support a healthy bay, good fishing, and good crabbing.

We have recently also made the jump in to social media, allowing us to reach more people, faster. This helps us exchange information, reports, tips, and create overall interaction within our community. With the use of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube, we have created a strong social network for our followers to speak to one another and stay informed about new laws and regulations.

Our goal is create a base where your everyday person can come to use our site as a resource to make their life easier. We have included a great combinations of resources on the page including weather, tides, rules and regulations for 2014 and links to our social media outlets. Also, coming soon a very easy to handle mobile integrated website that will have all of the information needed at your finger tips.

18 Comments Add yours

  1. Scott says:

    Do you carry fresh bunker?


    1. Sorry, we do not have any right now. We do have flash frozen bunker.


  2. Frank says:

    Do you carry clam bags for trotline


    1. JOE YACK says:

      yes 60 cents each


      1. Charlie says:

        You guys have white perch or shad?


  3. Douglas Simcox says:

    Do you carry dip nets for crabing also 1200 ft of trot line with drop lines prices also


  4. Scott C says:

    Any live spot available and frozer bunker?


  5. clarence says:

    any good spots on the chester for perch this year


  6. Evan Townsend says:

    do you have any razor clams for sale


  7. Patricia Taylor says:

    Do you sell fishing licenses


  8. Greg Kauffman says:

    No we do not…You can purchase them online. http://www.MarylandBayFishing.com has a link.


  9. Ron A says:

    Do you have live bait peanut butter bunker?


  10. Kevin Aponte says:

    Do you carry grass shrimp ?


  11. Jose Rivas says:

    Do you sell blood worms?


  12. joe says:

    do you guys have minnows or bullheads?


  13. Jonathan says:

    Do you guys carry grass shrimp


    1. We do in the spring, currently we do not have any.


  14. Brian Megaton Becker says:

    Very knowledgeable , and very helpful with a great staff.


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