The Yack Report: 3/25/16

I fished with Ange Harclerode yesterday on the Susky. The White Perch we had last week are gone… waiting for the second wave of fish to show. With no perch we started to target Stripers. Trolling super Shad Raps we soon hooked up on a large fish that broke off… and another that came unbuttoned before we could see it. This was the first time Ange had his boat over there, so I looked at all my spots placing marks on the GPS… we went all the way up to the old railroad bridge pilings south of Deer creek. Here we caught several Smallmouth Bass on small minnow plugs. He can now go over there without getting into trouble in the rocks. It was a nice day… but very windy! There were 3 foot waves off of Port Deposit bucking against the heavy current coming from the dam. I would estimate 30 mph gusts blowing South/East straight up the river. Sporty conditions for a 14′ aluminum boat challenged my captain skills, for sure! I did keep us dry and save though. another fun day.Sarges Bait and Tackle Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report


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