The Yack Report: 3/29/16

Most people know the Shad have arrived and have been in the upper bay creeks and rivers for a couple weeks…I have not targeted them until yesterday… First cast produced this double header… Game on!

Sarges Bait and Tackle Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

Here’s a little bit of Striper Rash on my thumb, Walleye teeth marks on the other side and little Smallmouth rub to combine to make the perfect “Fish-Thumb”… I have worn a blister on my other hand where my reel foot sets in my hand… It’s been there a week. Cindy says I should take a day off I think not…


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  1. John Harris says:

    Never really targeted shad. Any tips or suggestions on what to use?


  2. JOE YACK says:

    Shad darts and Nunguesser Spoons will catch the shad. Rig them in tandem with the spoon following the dart. If they show a preference for the darts switch out the spoon for a second dart. Look for the Shad in current seams in Creeks, Rivers and Streams.


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