The Yack Report: Cold Weather? No Worries!

This colder weather has the fish snapping and the fishing tonight was nothing short of epic!

As Ange Harclerode and I arrived at the river we could hear sirens and see the flashing lights indicating an imminent release of water from the dam. The scheduled release rate was 50,000 cfs. Our timing could not have been better.

The Howling North wind was bitter against our faces and the dropping temperatures made our hands numb… I landed a walleye right away and then this beast (Picture below) hit my lure 10 feet away.

I watched it come up a slurp it down. Then it went crazy! It bit me on my leg as it was thrashing around the shore. If i had not been wearing waders, I’d be wearing stitches! A beautiful 41″ musky measured with the help of my stepson Christopher Brown. This was my personal best, only the second one I’ve caught ever. The first one was a year and a day ago on the same stretch of river.

After helping me land the fish Ange returned to his spot and promptly landed two beautiful Walleye, both were released. One was about 18” and the other fish was a dandy. That fish was 22” to 24” long and thick as a brick. This is a true lunker anywhere. We released her after a quick photo session.

The next cast Ange hooked some kind of river monster or something a fought it for a long time when the fish was 10 feet away the hooks straightened out and the monster was gone. We never saw what it was. This was a very special evening on the river I felt blessed to be there.


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  1. Joe Yack says:

    We have a few of these great lures in stock at the shop. Come and get ’em before they’re gone. Bagley 1/4 oz. Minnow plug


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