Open Season: The Fish Are Here!

Well, today is June 1st that means the entire Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries are open the Striped Bass fishing… including the Susquehanna River.

Timothy Smith and I have been waiting on this day for several months.

At 6 am we launched his “ROCK-PROOF” jet boat at Port Deposit and headed up river. Our first stop not far from the ramp produced about 60 fat, healthy mid-twenties size Rockfish!

All these fish were caught on Topwater Spook type lures! It was game on from the first cast to the last. When the bite slowed down and by that I mean “make 2 casts before a fish would hit the lure”, we would move.

This move would be only 75 yards across the current by electric motor, anchor and start catching fish. We moved twice all morning catching better fish at the second spot. In all my years of fishing, this was the best topwater fishing I’ve ever experienced!

The grade of fish was excellent… probably twenty of those fish were 30″ or very near. Our biggest of the day was a 32” Rockfish and most were mid-twenties size. Between us we only had 4 or 5 that were less than 20″.

Best topwater bite ever!… Even had a big ugly Catfish on a topwater lure, you don’t see that every day! Another Blessed day on the water this is so close to home!



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