The Yack Report: Bagley Lure Testing

I got out for a few hours today… for some product testing. I bought 2 of these lures tonight to try on the Walleye and Smallmouth Bass in the river. I work part time at Sarge’s Bait and Tackle the goal is to fill the shop with stuff that catches fish… Well these seemed to…

The Yack Report: 3/29/16

Most people know the Shad have arrived and have been in the upper bay creeks and rivers for a couple weeks…I have not targeted them until yesterday… First cast produced this double header… Game on! Here’s a little bit of Striper Rash on my thumb, Walleye teeth marks on the other side and little Smallmouth…

Bait has arrived!

Finally the bait has arrived! We have bloodworms and fresh bunker right off the boat for $1.50ea.    

The Yack Report: 3/24/16

My friend Ange and I took a ride down the bay chasing some light tackle jigging action on the Rockfish.  Ron another friend, was the captain today and kept us in the fish all morning. Ron and Ange both had some beautiful fish yesterday morning… mine came unbuttoned.  A very blessed morning… many thanks Ron.

The Perch Are Here!

We have been receiving reports all week long that the perch run has started in Millington and working way up as far as Turkey Point. So stop in grab your grass shrimp at $6.99,  shad darts at .99ea  & get a line in the water! We are open 7 days a week and always have…