April Fishing in the Upper Bay

April 2016 had some excellent fishing!

The cold rainy weather has kept the fish here longer than usual. Many of our migratory fish like Shad and Stripers came to the upper bay area early and stayed late thanks to the cooler weather. Our best fishing occurs when the waters are cooler. In fact the warmer weather usually “kills” our good fishing when the migratory fish leave.

Our resident fish become very finicky in the warmer months, which makes catching much harder. Fishing for White and Hickory Shad  has been red hot for weeks and is just now slowing down. The Giant Flathead Catfish are waking up in the Susquehanna as the Shad prepare to move out. In the Susky River Walleye, Musky and Smallmouth fishing is the best it has been in years. Striper fishing on the flats has been consistent Since late March and continued until the close of the season on May 3, 2016.

White Perch fishing was been excellent in most upper bay rivers and streams. Crappie fishing has been consistent in many of the local ponds. While the river bite has been off and on. Here are some pictures of some of our catches this April…



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