Taking The Kids Fishing


Thirty some years ago I took my sons fishing often. Usually these were after work or on the rare weekend when work did not keep me away from the house. Sunday, I had the pleasure of taking my youngest son John, his wife Yuki and their 2 children Aiden and Allison Perch fishing. This was one of the most fun days on the water I have had in a very long time.

This day was not about me being the “Great White fisherman” but more just sharing this sport with the ones I love in a way that they might like it, too! We fished several Kent county access areas catching many little White Perch, Sunfish, Yellow Perch and catfish. One catfish had peculiar marking on it, and some type of damage on its tail section. We caught this same fish 3 times in about an hour. The kids said “He wants to be our friend”…

We started at a launch ramp where many watermen slip their boats. I saw a young waterman and his wife un-baiting their trot line and tossing the used razor clams overboard. I talked with them a minute and they said “Bring the kids here, lots of perch feeding down there”. They were right and we found the Perch in a feeding frenzy. We caught many here and the action was fast, usually, before the small jigs hit the bottom a perch would be on the line.

After a while the little ones grew bored with this spot and we moved to a Kent County access point on the Sassafras River. They slept soundly on the short drive to the next spot.

At this place there was a good multi-species bite happening. Sunfish, White Perch, Yellow Perch and Catfish took a liking to our 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with worms or minnows. These were either fished below a float or fished alone just swimming them back to shore. Yuki caught a very nice

almost immediately. The White Perch were very willing to take our offerings and at times the bite was pretty fast.

No big fish were taken this day but it doesn’t matter. The small fish provided fast action for the little ones and lots of smiles for all of us. This was a Really fun day!


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