The good summer jig bite continues in the Mid-Bay section of the Chesapeake Bay. Health issues have kept me off the water much of this week. I did get out Tuesday for a few hours with Carter Dudzinski, Ange Harclerode and our buddy Omar K… We fished likely spots looking for Stripers. The pattern had been finding suspended fish along the 30′ contours and deeper. We found smallish fish most of the day but the better fish had lockjaw. The strong winds and slight currents scattered the schools of  fish. As the day progressed the conditions got better as the tide really started moving and the schools were starting to tighten up a little bit. As the conditions were getting right, I had to leave. When I jumped off at the dock our friend Tyler jumped on. I told the guys to ” just keep doing what we have been doing”… 40 minutes later I get this picture from the guys. Ange Harclerode with a 33″ Rockfish while jigging on suspended fish over structure.

Mid Bay Rockfish 25

Last Sunday Dean Bowman and his wife stopped by the shop and wanted to get in on the good jig bite. Ange and I talked with both of them awhile and set them up with some BKD and Bust’em Baits lures. While talking about jigging techniques I noticed his wife’s eyes light up, like someone had just told her a delicious secret. On Thursday they went out on the bay out of Rock Hall and fished the pattern as we discussed in the shop. They had fast catching on a nice grade of fish… Dean’s wife had the most and biggest so maybe she heard something  while talking on Sunday. It pays to be a good listener!

While talking with them we discussed the the things to look for not where to go.Think patterns not places! The pattern of suspended fish over deep water is holding true on both sides of the bay, especially around Kent Island. Now is the time to go Jig some fish! I hope to see you on the water or in the shop…


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